The piece “in between” is composed of a Plexiglas gridded box and 24 square ceramic “playing pieces” (dimensional tiles), which fit into the grid.  For this piece, I instruct the person who installs the work to find a partner with whom they can play three games of tic-tac-toe. The results of the games will then dictate how the piece is to be arranged for display.  In this work, I play with the idea of “in-between”; the results of game between two people, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between natural material (clay) and synthetic material (Plexiglas), between gaining and letting go of control. By creating situations in which two people play a game spontaneously and let chance generate the outcome of the piece, this piece can never be predetermined or fixed – it will continue to change each time it is re-installed.  

Earthenware, glaze
19"x57"x3.25" Each ceramic block size:6"x6"x3"