This piece was derived from an accident that I had in my studio. One day, I was daydreaming while pouring slip into the sieve from bucket, the slip overflowed and made a big puddle on the plywood floor. Just like plaster, slip is much easier to clean when hard, so I left it to dry. Next day, I saw the slip puddle had dried and crackled; I picked up a piece of dried slip and discovered an interesting mark on the floor. I poured 200cc of porcelain slip on each panel and let them dry. By deliberately re-making the accident here; chance dictates the outcome of work within my system. The surface can be cleaned with a wet sponge; I will re-make the accident(pour fresh slip and dry them) at each site and each time this piece is re-installed.

Polyurethane floor sealer, black ink, plywood, porcelain