I am an observer, an inquisitive searcher who constantly tries to understand the subtlety of things in the world. My work is driven by a sense of curiosity, discovery, realization and learning through everyday life and ongoing studio practice.

My passion for ceramics is at core of my research. I am interested in investigating the tradition of ceramics and its complex history, the inherent qualities of ceramic materials, and how the properties of clay and the ceramic process contribute to my sculptures physically, conceptually and emotionally.

Systems, order, randomness and chance are my base line of inquiry. I employ these opposite attitudes, logical thinking/reasoning and spontaneity of play/intuition, to create work that offers multiple interpretations and meanings. In my process I employ rules of precision, careful design and craftsmanship, while also striving to generate an atmosphere of casualness and playfulness. “To play” and “be playful” are, for me, serious activities.

I observe objects, and use my imagination to interpret them to make them more intimate three-dimensional objects.  My intention is to twist conventional notions of reality and alter the way we perceive. Standing astride both art and design gives me a chance to cultivate my insight and creative vigor.
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